Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How does a GOPASS card work?

A GOPASS chip card serves as your ticket to cableway, which you can recharge through e-shop and then you can go directly to the slope. You don´t have to queue for tickets, but with your GOPASS chip card you´ll go straight to the turnstiles. In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase selected products and services cheaper through e-shop at

How can I get the GOPASS chip card?

You can purchase the personalized GOPASS chip card exclusively through e-shop at Upon your first order through e-shop, the card will be added to your basket automatically. It is impossible to purchase the personalized GOPASS card in TMR resorts.

How will be the ticket to cableway, which has been recharged through e-shop, transferred to my GOPASS chip card?  

Information about the ticket to cableway, which has been purchased through e-shop, will be stored in the central system. As soon as you come up to the turnstiles with your GOPASS chip card, information about the ticket to cableway will be downloaded and saved on your card. If buying the ticket to cableway through e-shop, you can go to cableway without being queue at cash desks.  

Do I need to go to the cash desk, where I have purchased the ticket to cableway by my GOPASS chip card?

No. You do not have to go to the cash desk with your GOPASS chip card. The GOPASS chip card serves as your ticket to cableway, which you can recharge through e-shop and then you go straight to the turnstiles.

What to do if my GOPASS chip card is not delivered before my holiday departure?

Pay a deposit for the GOPASS chip card today and enjoy its benefits when leaving your home for holiday. Never mind, if your GOPASS chip card is not delivered to you before your holiday departure. Buy a specific service (ski pas / ticket to Aquapark Tatralandia) on and take the temporary card with you.

What is a temporary GOPASS card?

If the GOPASS chip card is not delivered to your door before your holiday departure, you can use a temporary GOPASS card. With the temporary GOPASS card you can select points and enjoy benefits as if it was the full value card. The temporary GOPASS card doesn´t hold information about your ticket to cableway purchased, so once you have purchased a service on, you have to go to a cash desk.

Can I recharge my ticket to cableway through e-shop on the day of  visit?

Yes. You can recharge your GOPASS chip card through e-shop and you can go to cableway already within 30 minutes.

How can I pay in the GOPASS e-shop?

Payment for products and services can be made by a card with enabled online payments. Internet banking can be used only when purchasing a service in advance.

How does the credit work?

In your GOPASS account, you can top up your card with a credit and use this credit to pay for products in the GOPASS e-shop. You can also give the credit to another person who can use it in his/her account. 

What if I come to the resort and find out that I have lost or forgotten my GOPASS chip card, on which I had the ticket to cableway, purchased through e-shop?

If you lose or forget your GOPASS chip card, submit your temporary GOPASS card at the cash desk and the ticket to cableway, which you have purchased, will be issued and given to you. You can find the temporary GOPASS card in your profile at At the same time you can find it in your email, which you have received from us, as a confirmation of your order.

Can we collect points, as a family, in one joint account?

The GOPASS program offers the possibility to set up a family / group account. Each member of the account has then its own GOPASS chip card. The collected points cumulate in the joint account. Each member has also an access to all points which have been collected together, and can be converted into specific discounts and rewards.

Is it necessary for members of my family to have different GOPASS chip cards, or one card is enough for us?

Yes, any customer who wishes to benefit from the GOPASS program has to submit her / his own active GOPASS chip card. If you are interested in purchasing a product through e-shop also for your child, husband and wife, it is necessary for them to have their own GOPASS chip card purchased and registered.

Can a person who is already registered be added to my GOPASS account?

No, a person who already has his/her account cannot be added to yours. However, such person can add herself/himself via her/his account to yours: click on GOPASS cards – add the account to another one. The respective person cannot have other subordinate GOPASS users in his/her account and by being added to your account, he/she loses the access to his/her account. All his/her points get transferred to your account.

Why can I not add a person by clicking on Add a user?

Because by clicking on Add a user, you can add only a user who has not been registered yet or who does not have a registered GOPASS card. 

What if my child is less than 15 years old?

Only a person over 15 years can be registered independently in the GOPASS program. If your child is younger than 15, she / he can be registered under your GOPASS account. Your child will be then issued a GOPASS chip card which can be fully use by her / him.

How can I use the points I have collected?

For every € 1 spent in TMR resorts or through e-shop you will be accredited 1 point to your GOPASS account. The points collected you can redeem not only at, but also in selected establishments of TMR, a.s. Information on specific rewards and benefits are available in the price lists of TMR establishments and in a very short time they will also be found at

How can I log in to if I forget my password?

When logging in, you can click on the “Forgotten password?” button. Once you enter your email address, a link will be sent there which can be used to create a new password. If you do not remember your email address that you used to register into the GOPASS loyalty programme, please contact our helpline on  0850 122 155 or international helpline +421 220510448 .

How to proceed in case of my GOPASS chip card´s loss or damage?

In case of loss or damage of your GOPASS chip card, after logging into your account at you will have the possibility to ask for issuing a new card. After payment of € 2 deposit, a new GOPASS chip card will be sent to your address. All data and points collected in your original card will be automatically assigned to your new GOPASS chip card. We recommend that you block the lost GOPASS chip card. You can do this in your profile at

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

For information on the operation of the GOPASS card, please see the section How does GOPASS work. Should you have any questions, call the customer service 0850 122 155, international helpline +421220510448 or you can email us to We will be happy to answer your questions you may have.