GOPASS credit

Use a credit to buy products in our e-shop on or give it as a present to anybody you want.

Online shopping with a credit

From now on, you can top up your GOPASS card with a credit and use it when buying products in our e-shop. Enter the CREDIT section in your personal zone and choose a sum. Once paid, your GOPASS will be topped up with the respective credit.

Share your credit with others

Once your account is topped up with a credit, you can share it with other subordinate GOPASS programme members of yours. It is only up to you whom who choose and which daily limit you assign to him/her. All this can be set in your personal zone very easily.

Advantages of the GOPASS credit
  • Simple and fast payment method
  • Sharing the credit with others
  • Credit sent as a present
  • Online top-up on
  • Summary of transactions and managing via the personal zone
Send a credit as a gift

Give a credit to anybody you want. Choose a sum in the “credit” section of your personal zone and enter the number of the GOPASS card or the email address of the recipient.

Once paid, a voucher with a specific code will be sent to the entered email address or the email address of the entered GOPASS card. When the recipient enters the code of the voucher in the “credit” zone, his/her account will be topped up with the gifted credit.

Where can the GOPASS credit be used?

Once your GOPASS card is topped up with a credit, you can use it to buy ski passes, cableway tickets, water park tickets, tickets to events, adventures and other products online on